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*- Filthy Logic(Loop) -* *- Filthy Logic(Loop) -*

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Solid Beat

It's a good solid beat, however, if there was a way to make it come back down after you have the big build, the loop would, well, loop much easier to the ears, and not sound chopped up. That's why I gave you a 7. However, I'm sure that if you could juse extend that one part at the end to make it decrescendo, it would definitely merit a 10 from me. So not knowing if this is you're first work or not, I'm gonna give you an 8 instead :D .

Jebbal responds:

No! N-nooo!! I won't do it!! Nooooooooo!!!!! NOOO!!!!! Shut up! SHUT UPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And one more thing!

Thanks for the review! =D

It's not my first work!